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KLD's  Tandem utilities enhance performance, and streamline frequently performed operations.  Select the utility of your choice to download.  Unzip the file you receive and follow the enclosed instructions to install it on your machine.  These have not been tested with NSK prior to D40.

These are currently provided at no charge and AS-IS.  No warrantee of any kind is provided.  All rights are reserved by KLD, Inc.  These may not be sold.  Feel free to give any you like to your friends.  Watch here for more utilities soon!

Direct any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns to: utilities
Sysbusy V4.0 Monitor system activity and reports on high busy processes. Instructions Download
Sysbusy V4.0 Native Itanium version of above. Instructions Download
Sysbusy V4.0 Non-Native version of above (for pre D40 systems) Instructions Download
Clockman V0.9 Beta Automatically synchronize Tandem clock with NIST  Instructions Download
Spin V1.1 Measure disk rotational performance. Instructions Download
Spin V1.1 Non-Native version of above (for pre D40 systems) Instructions Download

The following utilities are provided by Rob Lesan 
Drblock Reload analyzer, similar to Tandem's TRA Download
Fullrpt File full report w/wildcards Download
Grate File growth rate display Download
Opens Display opens for a file Download
Rfile File info Download
Rloads Reload info (allows wild cards?) Download
Rsap Space analysis program, physical volumes only Download
Rstate Process status Download
Vinfo Displays virtual files on a physical volume Download