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Contract Programming

We believe that our job as recruiters is more than matching skill sets to project requirements. Our programmers aren't just tools -- they are individuals with very distinct personalities, work schedules, work habits, goals and aspirations. All these things are taken into consideration when considering a candidate for a project. We understand the importance of matching the best professional to the job.

We also feel that our customers require more than just superb technical skills to complete their projects.   They need men and women who are dedicated team players,  flexible, responsive individuals who understand the importance of deadlines and budgets, people who can be counted on to get the job done.  We understand the importance of each side of the equations being happy with the choice and the results, therefore we review every project and match each individual with the requirements of the job on a person by project basis. 

Recruitment Process 

A recruiter reviews the candidate's resume, work history, professional development, and education to determine the candidate's technical expertise.  When the candidate's skills and background meet the requirements for an open position, an initial phone interview is conducted. (Phone interviews include, but are not limited to, identifying the candidate's skill set, authorization to work in the US, desired geographic location, availability, preferred term of employment, and desired salary range.)  Candidates who qualify for an open position are invited to come in for a face-to-face interview that takes place with a recruiter and an account manager.  Candidates not qualified for an open position will be retained in a database to contact at a later date as future career opportunities materialize. (A good candidate is never forgotten!) 

KLD, Inc. verifies technical expertise by either an interview with an experienced consultant, or the candidate may take a technical test. At this time, the candidate's references are checked.  KLD, Inc. prepares a package containing the resume, references, and any additional information to be presented to customers. The candidate is told specifically who the client is. KLD, Inc. does not send out resumes or confidential information without the candidate's absolute approval. 

When a client expresses interest in a candidate, the account manager sets up the interview date and time and helps the candidate prepare for the interview. As the "agent," the KLD, Inc. account manager offers insights on the company's philosophy and business environment. The account manager also handles salary and position negotiations.  Upon acceptance of a contract position, the KLD, Inc. account manager will invite the consultant in to complete all necessary paperwork  which includes: Offer letter, Federal and State tax forms, KLD, Inc's comprehensive benefits package, and a KLD, Inc. Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition Agreement for employment. 

The job does not stop after the candidate accepts and starts the position. The KLD, Inc. team coordinates and oversees a smooth transition and follows up with both parties to build lasting and rewarding relationships and assure complete satisfaction.